Space & Performance

How do musicians use space when they have the means to control it? 

Though far from ideal, the LMC space at Gloucester Avenue offered a unique opportunity for articulating space and durations. The atmosphere and conditions of every event, could be structured as singular experiences, rather than music within a module, either through the conceptual and physical planning of an event or through the relationship of musicians to each other or to the audience. 

The contrast between this situation and professional conventions may be read retrospectively through posters and photographs, the subjectivity of the poster versus the formal grid of the calendar. In the photograph of Steve Beresford and guitarist Roger Smith taken during an LMC concert at Gloucester Avenue, an evident instability is ‘audible’, a moment of divergence, a performance that seems unperformed and ‘formless’ (the visual clues indicate a degree of informality that would be impossible in more constrained surroundings). 

Can this approach be transferred to concert settings bounded by such constraints? More to the point, could the informality of an LMC concert of the 1970s survive in current conditions?

C.Kraakel_photo_by_Marie_OConnell.jpg Jim_ORouke_photo_by_JM_Van_Schouwborg?.jpg
Caroline Kraabel Jim O'Rourke
Maggie_Nichols_photo.jpg Roger_Turner_photo_by_Dennis_Austin.jpg
Maggie Nichols Roger Turner

Poster_I_hear_music_Steve_Beresford_Lol_coxhill_David_toop_Sally_potter.jpg Poster_Obstacles_present_Faerie_Liquid.jpg
Sally Potter Poster Faerie Liquid
Programme - Fast & Loose  
Programme_Fast_&_Loose_p1a.jpg Programme_Fast_&_Loose_p2a.jpg
Programme_Fat_&_Loose_p3a.jpg Programme_Fat_&_Loose_p4a.jpg
Programme_Fast_&_Loose_p1b.jpg Programme_Fast_&_Loose_p2b.jpg
Programme_Fat_&_Loose_p3b.jpg Programme_Fat_&_Loose_p4b.jpg

1. Roger Turner and Steve Beresford
2. Sylvia Hallett solo
3. David Toop and Paul Burwell
4. Nigel Coombes and Roger Smith


Cusack_Beresfield_photo.jpg LMC_15th_anniversary_at_ICA.jpg
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