Music Context

Music Context was a festival of environmental and contextual music held at the LMC from the 28th July to 5th August, 1978. The idea for the festival derived initially from the participation of Paul Burwell and myself in similar festivals organised by acoustic ecologist Albert Mayr in Florence and Milan. The focus of the festival as it developed became increasingly centred on the idea of presenting an overview of soundwork specifically concerned with contextual problems and relationships, touching on issues such as the anthropology of listening, music in physical space, conceptual art and sound, temporality and performance, music and gender, and community engagement with the sonic environment.


Feminist Improvising Group


Stuart Marshall


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1. Euphonium Duo in Rowboats - Michael Parsons and Steve Beresford
2. Whirled Music - Max Eastley, Paul Burwell, Steve Beresford, David Toop
3. Maggie Nichols, Julie Tippetts, Susanna Ferrar, Sylvia Hallett

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Postcard from George Brecht  
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Letter from Georgie Born  
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Contact Sheet of Music/Context Events

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Letter from Noise Advisory Council